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TENCEL™ rugs

Our handtufted TENCEL™ rugs are made with care and dedication, from natural high-quality materials.
To make sure your rug maintains its quality and character over a long lifetime, take a good care of it regularly.

The elegant silky and luxurious TENCEL™ is a contemporary nature-friendly fiber - made of wood pulp using nanotechnology.
The colors are bright and playful, even on a simple solid colour rug.

  • A NEW RUG separates loose fibers. This is common with natural materials and decreases significantly during use.
  • All rugs retain their appearance for longer if you remove dirt and stains regularly.
  • Effective vacuuming is the easiest and most environmentally friendly cleaning method.
    Regular vacuuming prevents the rug from absorbing dirt. Use plain, no-brush vacuum cleaner nozzle.
  • A NEW RUG smells like a new rug – it is the water-based and environmentally friendly latex adhesive used to fix the backside of handtufted rug.
    The smell is temporary, it disappears. To speed it up, ventilate the rug and rooms if necessary.
    Avoid exposing the rug to strong sunlight.
  • Always place the rug on a dry floor. If not, the moisture likely will damage the rug and the floor underneath the rug or change the floor colouring.
  • Placed on the floor or on the wall, rugs offer a sound damping effect.
  • The surface of the Tencel™ rug can be treated with the suitable rug or textile protector. Follow the instructions of the producer.
  • When storing the tufted rug, roll it tightly with the pile inside. Make sure that the bottom of the rug will not wrinkle.
    Store horizontally. Do not store anything heavy on top of the rug.

  • For best results, REMOVE STAINS IMMEDIATELY!
  • Remove wet stains by laying kitchen paper on the stain. Then use lukewarm water and a cloth or sponge.
    Dampen the stain, soak up the water, then repeat the process until the stain is gone. Dry the rug properly after cleaning.
  • A drop of cleaning liquid can also be used. Follow the instructions of the producer.
  • Do not rub the stains, as that makes it more difficult to remove them and can damage the fibers.
  • Do not over-wet the rug. Rinse out by using a clean damp sponge or towel. Let properly dry.

  • When the rug needs to be properly CLEANED, use reputable carpet cleaners.
    TENCEL™ floorcoverings can be professionally cleaned by dry or cold wet extraction methods.
    Thorough drying of the rug after cleaning is important.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not wash and/or dry in a cylinder machine.

Download CARE INSTRUCTIONS for Tencel™ rugs