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Studio Tekstiil Ruumis invents and manufactures people-friendly and long lasting interior textiles.
Natural materials, dignified technologies, aesthetic and functional ideas.

In the heart of the studio's product range are rug collections - high-quality, fresh and vigorous
floor coverings made of natural long lasting materials.
Together with the customer, each of them can be created as exactly the right and unique piece.
In addition, the product range includes body-friendly linen-cotton interior textiles and a selection of trendy interior accessories.

All our products are made in Estonia, with a help of skillful craftsmen and small workshops.
The user-friendliness, quality and aesthetics of the products are the most important to us.
We have also succeeded in something indescribable - our own handwriting, by which we are known,
the emotion that our products create.

"In the beginning of our design journey the driving forces were curiosity and activity,
then the more time passes, the more motivating it is to know that what we have created really
does work consistently for a lot of people."

Tekstiil Ruumis OÜ has been operating since 2002, the studio is managed by textile designer Monika Järg.